About Us

Our goal: Administer the Student Conduct Code by reviewing student conduct referrals, charging cases based on the Student Conduct Code, meeting with students and explaining the conduct process, scheduling student conduct hearings, ensuring the completion of sanctions assigned during conduct hearings, overseeing the appeal process; create learning opportunities through educational sanctioning and outreach programming; utilize on-campus resources (ie: Campus Recreation, Tuttleman Counseling Services, Wellness Resource Center, and Campus Safety Services) when assigning sanctions; serve as a resource on ethical development; maintain conduct records and preserve the confidentiality of these records; provide data regarding student behavior in a way that will support intervention and educational sanctioning; serve as a resource to students, parents, faculty and staff regarding the Student Conduct Code and conduct procedures; provide professional development for students, faculty, and staff who serve as Student Conduct Board Members; participate in the maintenance of a safe campus environment; manage crisis situations.