1. Anyone may file a complaint regarding student conduct. A complaint shall be prepared in writing and directed to the office of SCCS via email at Complaints made directly to other campus resources (Campus Safety Services, University Housing and Residential Life, the Wellness Resource Center, Title IX Coordinator, Faculty, etc.) may be forwarded to the SCCS for review.  Any complaint should be submitted as soon as possible after the event takes place.

2. The Assistant Director of Investigations may conduct an investigation to determine if the complaint has merit and/or if it can be disposed of administratively by mutual consent of the parties involved on a basis acceptable to the Assistant Director of Investigations. Such disposition shall be final and there shall be no subsequent proceedings.

3. The Case Manager is responsible for determining whether to charge a Student or a Student Organization with a violation of the Student Code.  Notification of conduct charges will be sent by e-mail to the Accused Student’s official Temple University e-mail address.  In the case of a Student Organization, the notice will be sent to the organization’s elected student President’s official Temple University e-mail address.  In sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking cases, the notification of conduct charges will be sent by e-mail to the victim’s official Temple University e-mail address.  Reasonable efforts will be made to schedule a Student Conduct Board Hearing not more than 30 business days after the Student or the Student Organization has been notified. Time limits for scheduling may be extended at the discretion of the Student Conduct Administrator.

4. No Student against whom charges have been filed will be permitted to graduate until the charges are resolved.

5. If the Accused Student or Accused Student Organization admits violating university rules, but they do not agree to the sanction, a subsequent hearing process to determine sanctions will be held.

6.  All notifications under the Student Code will be sent by e-mail to the student’s official Temple University e-mail address.