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Dear Instructor,

The Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards (SCCS), in partnership with the Office of the Registrar, the Office of Undergraduate Studies, and the Graduate School, has created a streamlined, online process to facilitate the reporting and tracking of allegations of academic dishonesty. In the past, the process for reporting instances of dishonesty (which can range from plagiarism to other forms of cheating on assignments or tests) has relied on paper forms. We are pleased to announce that through the use of the “My Courses” tab within TUPortal, all referrals to SCCS for allegations of academic dishonesty can now be made electronically. This will assist with auto-populating student and course information, expedite communication between students and instructors including scheduling and tracking of meetings to discuss allegations, and facilitate easier communication for both instructors and students with SCCS.

Benefits of the new My Courses-based system include:

  • Ease of use. Instructors will be able to click a button within My Courses to initiate the automated process.
  • Coordination. SCCS will be able to track repeat offenders, which can allow for additional sanctions, and the system will alert the Registrar of open allegations.
  • Support. SCCS has both staff and board members trained in the nuances of determining responsibility when reviewing potential code violations. When an instructor reports dishonesty through the system, the office can facilitate discussion around the nature of a violation and recommended sanctions.
  • Protection for students. SCCS allows for students to receive due process in these matters.

It is our hope that this change to electronic submission will promote a better understanding of the role SCCS can play, and will encourage you to report instances of academic dishonesty when they occur.


Megan M. Patrick
Assistant Dean, Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards

Daniel W. Berman
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies
Professor of Greek & Roman Classics

Zebulon V. Kendrick
Vice Provost for Graduate Education
Professor of Kinesiology