Student Conduct Code

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Responsibility for the enforcement of the rules of the university rests with all the members of the Temple community. University rules should serve as a guide for high personal standards. It is the student’s responsibility to:

1. Foster an environment conducive to continued intellectual and educational stimulation within the university free from unlawful harassment by other members of the community;

2. Foster academic honesty and an environment that encourages intellectual growth and the development of independent thought;

3. Foster the maintenance of physical and mental health, the safety and welfare of each member of the community; and

4. Respect the rights of others.

These general behavioral expectations and the university Student Conduct Code (“Student Code”) represent a reasonable regulation of student conduct, but the student should be as free as possible from imposed limitations that have no direct relevance to their education and to their obligations and responsibilities as a member of the university community.

The provisions of the Student Code should be interpreted consistent with this philosophy, and in accordance with all recognized student rights and privileges.