For Advisors

1. What is my role with the student/respondent? What will I be expected to do?

As an advisor, you are able to help the student to understand the disciplinary process, encourage him or her to respect and comply with the stipulations of the Student Conduct Code, and deal with all aspects of the disciplinary process.You will give the student practical and informed advice about the best way to proceed. You will attend meetings with the student at OSCCS. If the case goes before a hearing panel, you are expected to attend the hearing with the student.Advisors are not advocates for the student. Students are expected to speak for themselves.

2. Is a disciplinary hearing like a trial?

Disciplinary hearings are not trials, and they are not constrained by technical rules of procedure, evidence, or judicial formality. They are designed to encourage open and honest discussion among the participants that promotes the hearing panel’s understanding of the facts, the individuals involved, the circumstances under which the incident occurred, the nature of the conduct, and the attitudes and experience of those involved.
The following links will assist an advisor with information regarding the Student Conduct process: